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Cat Collars and Leashes

Stop by All Natural Pet Supply for cat leashes and harnesses to keep your adventurous cat safe while out and about outdoors.

Cat collars, leashes and harnesses are a simple way to keep your cat safe and secure. The most basic combo includes a collar and identification tag. This is the simplest and most economical way to make sure your indoor or outdoor cat finds a way back home if he gets lost.

We have standard collars in a variety of sizes and styles. We also have safety break-away collars, for adventurous outdoor cats.

Harnesses and Walking Vests

Indoor cats also benefit from a leash and collar or harness combo. Exercise is important for any feline, and a good walk can help your cat or kitten relieve stress, stay fit, and bond with you. We have a variety of harnesses available at All Natural Pet Supply.

Harnesses are of particular importance, because it is not considered safe to attach a leash directly to a cat’s collar; they have soft throats and can choke if they are walked this way. A harness on the other hand allows pressure to be distributed to their backs and shoulders, which is safer and more comfortable for your cat. 

For cats that can easily wriggle out of a traditional harness, we also have walking vests available. These provide more coverage and even pressure, and are a great option for exercising an indoor cat that may become easily scared or nervous when outdoors.

Whether your cat prefers a collar or harness, they’re sure to love spending the time exploring with you.

Stop by our store and browse All Natural Pet’s selection of cat and kitten collars, leashes, ID tags and harnesses, and let us help you find the right combination for identification and exercise for your pet.


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