Cat Toys

Cats of all ages love to play, and playing is a vital activity for both kittens and adult cats. At All Natural Pet Supply, you’ll find the best cat toys for any playful mood your feline friend may be in.


  • Highly Active Toys — For the active cat who loves to hunt, jump or run, our selection of cat ball toys, wind-up toys, and cat chaser toys may be just what your frisky cat is looking for.


  • Inquisitive Cat Toys – For your cat’s mellower mood, we carry interactive cat toys such as cat puzzles, cat tunnels, and laser toys. Laser toys are fun for cats and their pet parents, because it is so entertaining to point the laser at the floor or wall and watch your cat chase and attempt to “catch” his prey. This toy is a great way to inspire physical and mental exercise.


  • Catnip Toys – Most (although not all) cats enjoy catnip. If yours does, you are in luck because All Natural Pet Supply has a wide variety of catnip-filled plush toys, as well as loose catnip powder. Bring some of our catnip home and watch your cat go crazy for it!


  • Teaser Toys — Teaser toys usually consist of a stick and an object (often a ribbon or feather) dangling from a string. They allow you to lift the object of desire up high above the cat where they can jump to reach. Our advice? Let her catch it once in awhile, so she continues to enjoy the game and not walk away in frustration.

Although your cat can turn anything into a toy (hello, cardboard box and crumpled paper!) Our specially-selected cat toys bring additional stimulation and fun to kitty playtime. Come see us and browse our selection of cat toys that your kitty will love!

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