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All Natural Pet Supply Pack Members Offer Amazing Customer Service & Product Knowledge

The staff at All Natural Pet Supply is committed to continually learning more about pet care, products, and nutrition so we can provide you with the best products and services around.

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Pet Food Advisor
Hi I'm Alyssa. I've been an animal lover all of my life, and not just dogs and cats, any animal is better then none! I grew up in Packwood Washington, a small town in the mountains. It was fabulous growing up in the mountains where I could take my dogs hiking and get to enjoy all that the wilderness has to offer with my best friend by my side. I have a broad range of skills from veterinary skills to caregiving skills and just love to learn new ways to help both animals and people. That's one reason why I love working with All Natural Pet Supply. I learn more everyday on how to properly take care and help other's take care of their fur babies with my fellow animal loving co-workers!


Tom Fralia, owner of the company, loves his business. He has spent the past few years working to better understand the nutritional needs of all companion pets and in doing so has decided on staffing his stores with the most educated, skilled and compassionate team he can find. In addition, each employee is encouraged to further their education in pet nutrition. To assist, the company offers to pay for the certification in dog and cat nutrition. This certification is a 200 hour investment on the part of the employee but pays big dividends for the pet owner’s that shop his stores.


Hello, My name is Kymber Webb. I’ve had a passion for animals my whole life. I grew up on a small farm in North County where I had the opportunity to raise everything from ferrets and a hedgehog to cattle and goats. After graduating high school I went on to gain my associate’s in Agricultural Business Management & Animal Science but I didn’t stop there! Soon thereafter I found my true passion for dogs and behavioral science. I gained my Dog Training Certification through Animal Behavior College and have been training since 2016. I am fascinated by the link between an animals gut health and behavior and that’s why I love my job at ANPS! I am able to help customers find the right training tools for their pet as well as help them in choosing the right food to keep everyone happy & healthy.


Hello, I’m Miranda! My pack consists of an Akita, Chihuahua, cat and two Chinchillas. I’ve loved animals since the beginning of time and always knew I wanted them to be a part of my life and career. I’ve worked with various animals from your regular cats and dogs, to horses and goats. I got my start in the animal industry by working at a local doggy daycare for the past 3 years. After learning the behavioral side of dogs, I decided I wanted to learn more about the nutritional/health side. I love not only learning about customers and their furry friends, but also knowing I get to help their best pal live their healthiest and happiest life! Now, with all this accrued knowledge, I plan to study Zoology to further my career in the animal field.


Social Media and Marketing Manager/ Pet Food Advisor
Hello! I’m Noelle. From a young age, I have been an animal lover. I grew up here in Vancouver, Wa in a house where dogs were (and still are) always constant and faithful companions. I am proudly owned by two beautiful and incredibly goofy Pitties, Sadie and Liloux. I have a strong passion for Pit Bulls, encouraging education and responsibility with the breed, but I also have a affinity for Boston Terriers, Pugs and Chihuahuas. I have been a pet food advisor with ANPS since 2019, and have learned so many amazing things during my time with this company, and Sadie and Liloux are always willing participants when it comes to trying out a new food, especially treats! With the knowledge I have gained at All Natural Pet Supply I am confident that I am feeding my dogs quality food that in turn will lead to long and healthy lives!


Pet Food Advisor
Hi, I’m Kathleen. I’m an avid hiker and love being outdoors. The best part of getting outside is taking mypup Jones on new hikes and exploring the world. We also go cross country skiing, play at the river and ocean beaches. We love camping too!


Pet Food Advisor
Current Companions: Dachshunds Chunk and Bear, Saint Bernard Zeus, and Rag Doll kitties King and Prince I've been a lover of animals my entire life, and dogs have always been commonplace. Two of my favorites growing up were Boxers named Ariel and Buddy; I have adored Boxers ever since, and have even began the process of becoming a Foster for them! I'm thankful to be part of the ANPS team for the knowledge and experience I've gained, as well as the myriad of people and pets I've met even in the fairly short time since I've started, both customer and co-worker alike. I look forward to growing alongside the other members of this team, and if you're reading this and we haven't met yet - I'm looking forward to that too!


Pet Food Advisor
Hi, I'm Whitney. I've always had an interest in pets growing up. Earning my bachelors degree in animal science only sparked my passion for pet care and nutrition. Through the journey with my own two dogs, one who had minor skin allergies caused from his previous food! I've been spurred to dive into researching the best pet food solutions to create a happy, healthy pet. That's why I love working at ANPS where I get to continue learning about the best in pet nutrition and get to share it with others!


Pet Food Advisor
Hey I’m Kailey! A local girl from Hawaii, I’ve grown up with a variety of different pets and love for animals. Wanting to pursue my passion, I started working at a local doggie daycare 5 years ago and instantly fell in love with the pet industry. Getting to learn each and every pet and what’s works best for them and their owners has been such a rewarding experience and has fueled my goals to provide the best care and knowledge for our furry friends.


Pet Food Advisor
Hi my name is Maddie, I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2015. I have had cats all through my childhood growing up, but have been interested in dogs and other animals my whole life! I started a dog walking business and got certified in dog and cat first aid, and I recently adopted my first puppy, a 6 month old German Shepherd named Zora in June 2019. She quickly became the love of my life, and I started to get more and more involved in pet nutrition and health. I am a proud fur mom to 2 cats named Link and Zelda, and my beautiful pup Zora. I want them to have the best and healthiest life possible! I find helping fellow fur parents find the best food, toys and supplies for their pets is rewarding and I look forward to coming to work everyday!


We love our customers from Vancouver areas around Parkrose, Canine Utopia, Fisher, Ellsworth, Russell Landing, North Image, Evergreen, Mill Plain areas.

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