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The team at All Natural Pet Supply in Vancouver is here for you and your pets. Learn more about our pet services below.

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We provide local delivery or in-store pick-up options.

Local Delivery

Here at All Natural Pet Supply, we are pleased to provide swift, dependable delivery services near Vancouver. Simply reach out to us at (360) 694-7387 to place your shipment. For an added benefit, ask us about establishing a recurring delivery. Our neighborhood delivery drivers are happy to help supply added assistance for the aging, underserved, and handicapped community; please make us aware at the time of order if this is required.

Pet Adoptions

Congratulations on your choice to adopt a pet! Not only will you be providing a dog or cat a loving home, but you'll also be clearing space at a shelter for yet another pet to be rescued, as well!

Nutritional Counseling

Our pets' nutrition is incredibly important to their general health and wellness. At All Natural Pet Supply, our pet nutrition advice in Vancouver strives to empower pet lovers to provide their pets with a high-quality diet over the course of each period of life. Proper nutrition can help with many health-related concerns including; food intolerances, pet food allergies, excessive weight gain or weight reduction, nutritional deficiencies, pet diabetes, skin and coat problems, renal disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and poor immune response. Nutritional requirements for dogs and cats vary because of many aspects like life stage, size, breed, activity levels, health, and more, therefore, a one-size-fits-all strategy to nutrition will not be effective. We can advise you on which food choices will be suitable based upon your pet's necessities, amount to feed, and what to search for on pet food labels. Phone us to set up a nutrition evaluation for your pet.

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