Our Staff


Tom & Liz Fralia


Tom Fralia, owner of the company, loves his business. His has spent the past few years working to better understand the nutritional needs of all companion pets and in doing so has decided on  staffing his stores with the most educated, skilled and companionate team he can find. In addition, each employee is encouraged to further their education in pet nutrition. To assist, the company offers to pay for the certification in dog and cat nutrition. This certification is a 200 hour investment on the part of the employee but pays big dividends for the pet owner’s that shop his stores.


Danielle Bush


I’ve been in the Pet Industry since January of 2016. I’ve grown up my whole life loving animals and have always wanted to work in the Pet industry in some aspect never really knowing what exactly I wanted to do but knew it had to involve animals. What peaked my interest in working at a holistic pet food store was my English Bulldog Rosie, I wanted to learn more about natural & holistic foods & remedies for all my pets, but particularly for Rosie who has multiple food allergies & sensitivities. But also just for the overall well being & health of my 3 dogs & 2 cats who are family to me. I want to give them all the longest, and healthiest lives possible. I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge & information since starting in this field of work. I’m now planning to attend school for Dog & Cat Nutrition to become a certified Pet Nutritionist.

Rosie is my purebred English Bulldog, she saved my life and without her I wouldn’t be here or where I am today. She’s my life saver.

Hank is Rosie’s younger brother, he’s also a purebred English Bulldog! He’s the biggest goofball of the bunch, always makes me laugh!

Rosco is a Labrador/Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix. He is the sweetest & smartest dog I’ve ever owned.

Sox & Callie are my cats they’re sisters and we rescued them when they were 9 weeks old!


Olivia, Romeo, Kilo, Pua, and Zoey make up my troop! They are all bonded which makes for a very happy home! I have loved animals all my life and drawn to companion animal care and wildlife conservation. I have my Bachelor degree in Zoology from Washington State University. I began my veterinary technician experience in Pullman, Washington but have worked at 3 different clinics since then, including the Humane Society for Southwest Washington. I also completed an internship with the Jane Goodall Institute. Since animal care comes naturally I enjoy helping customers find items for their pets, which brought me to All Natural Pet Supply!



Julia O.

Sales Accociate

Mika is a 12-year-old Australian Cattle Dog. She clocked a speed of 25/mph on a greyhound speed test when she was younger. She enjoys food, puzzles, and grooming her stuffed toys. I have been around animals my whole life, so it was natural to delve into the local/holistic pet food industry.

I find the bond between companion animals and humans very important to leading a happy and healthy life.




Kelsee Frampton

Sales Accociate

I first began looking into pet nutrition when my grandparents dog became diabetic. As years passed I took interest in clean nutrition and quality toys, CBD products and how they can benefit animals. Once I found All Natural Pet Supply I realized I could connect with the community while helping furry friends. I’m very compassionate about helping those in need and am looking forward to making those connections locally in Vancouver, WA. I am excited to spearhead our social media so we may continue to stay involved in our pawfriends lives!



Kailey Moniz-Ramos

Sales Associate

Hey I’m Kailey!
A local girl from Hawaii, I’ve grown up with a variety of different pets and love for animals. Wanting to pursue my passion, I started working at a local doggie daycare 5 years ago and instantly fell in love with the pet industry.

Getting to learn each and every pet and what’s works best for them and their owners has been such a rewarding experience and has fueled my goals to provide the best care and knowledge for our furry friends.



Kymber Webb

Sales Associate

Hello, My name is Kymber Webb.
I’ve had a passion for animals my whole life. I grew up on a small farm in North County where I had the opportunity to raise everything from ferrets and a hedgehog to cattle and goats. After graduating high school I went on to gain my associate’s in Agricultural Business Management & Animal Science but I didn’t stop there! Soon thereafter I found my true passion for dogs and behavioral science. I gained my Dog Training Certification through Animal Behavior College and have been training since 2016.

I am fascinated by the link between an animals gut health and behavior and that’s why I love my job at ANPS! I am able to help customers find the right training tools for their pet as well as help them in choosing the right food to keep everyone happy & healthy.




Ken Wesner

Sales Associate

Hi my name is Ken. I have worked at all Natural Pet this past year. Previously I have raised and showed dogs in San Diego. Currently I have a cat named Max and a dog named Lucca. He is 8 years old. I have a solid working knowledge of many dog and cat foods, including supplements, toys and other animal care products. I have always enjoyed talking and trading information with pet parents. It is something I greatly enjoy to this day. When you come by, bring your pet, I would love to see them!





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