Dog Health

At All Natural Pet Supply, our dog health products will help your dog to be at his best. We offer a wide array of supplements and vitamins for optimal sustenance, as well as topical products.


Our large selection of dog health supplies include:

Flea and Tick Control – In the Pacific Northwest, fleas are always a concern when it comes to our pets. We offer over-the-counter flea drops, shampoos, and collars to keep the pests at bay.

Joint Care Products – as our pets age, joint issues can appear, causing our dogs pain and discomfort. We offer joint care tablets, treats and powders to help with this condition.

Behavioral – to help soothe dogs during stressful situations, we offer calming chews. These are homeopathic and safe, and can also help with stress-related behavioral issues. 

First Aid – Just as with people, it’s important that you have an emergency first aid kit on hand for pet injuries. Wound care, bandages, and other emergency care items are supplied by us.

Skin and Eye Care – We offer over-the-counter itch relief creams and wound care creams, as well as eye drops for dogs.

Dental Care – We offer dental treats for dogs, as well as kitty-sized toothbrushes and even “tasty” and safe toothpaste to keep your dog’s pearly whites shining and healthy.

Hairball Treatment – We supply Laxatone paste for dogs that are prone to hairballs, and dogs think it’s a treat!

Grooming Supplies – From dog-friendly dematting/shedding brushes to dry shampoo, All Natural Pet Supply has the products you need to keep your dog looking his best.


Don’t Forget the Vet!

Our products provide for the general well-being of your pets, and are not meant to replace your veterinarian. Make sure your canine friend gets a full checkup every year, and anytime she has a medical issue.

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