Welcome to What We Feed Wednesday! 

Here at All Natural Pet Supply we are passionate about the food we sell and the food we feed our pets, and we want to share our passion with you! Every Wednesday, we will be posting a blog with a different All Natural Pet Supply pet food advisor sharing what food they feed their pets and why. We love to hear your testimonials, so here are some of ours! 

To start us off, meet Alyssa T and her cat, Kali:  

“This is Kali. My poor little fluff ball of allergies. I feed her N&D because they have  high quality protein sources, cook their food at a low temperature to keep nutrients from being cooked off, and have a variety of proteins to choose from. She is currently on N&D Prime Lamb and Blueberry and loves it, and doesn’t seem to be having any allergic reactions to any of the ingredients!” 


Tune in next week to hear from another one of our awesome pet food advisors! 


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