Jones and Pippit are on FirstMate Grain friendly due to Jones’s sensitivity to white potato. 

He’s been on Pura Vita for two years and I felt it was time to switch it up. 

They each enjoy a rotation of different raw toppers to each kibble meal. We switch between not only the different companies but also proteins as well  as frozen raw and freeze dried raw to add variety and the added health benefits of each.  

Pippit is a recent rescue from Mexico so she also has had a month of Answers raw goat milk to help with her gut heath.  

Jones’s coat is particularly soft and vibrant white when he is on a fish protein so I’ve been adding in Nature’s Logic Sardine kibble.  

They both enjoy bully sticks and pig ears for chewies and love all the freeze dried treats! 

In summer when they can be outside, they love the frozen turkey necks and raw bones from NW Naturals.  



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