At my house, we are all rescue all the time. Sothe dogs we’ve had and have were not treated to the best of conditions and certainly not the best of foods.   

We had been kibble people feeding PureVita and Petcurean. Both are great brands! 

We took the next step and moved them to raw and again the improvement was quickly noticed. Since I clean the yard, I’m particularly happy with the lesser amount of poop that I’m picking up? 

What do I love about feeding properly? It’s the nearly immediate change you see in the animal’s behavior and appearance.  

Because we believe this to be so true, we at the All Natural Pet Supply Stores in Clark County offer a 14 day guarantee. If one of our employees recommends a food for your pet, you buy itfeed for fourteen days and if you don’t see the improvement we discussed, then bring it back for a full refund.  

Tom Fralia, Owner of All Natural Pet Supply

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