Hi friends! Noelle here! 

I would like to highlight a new product we are carrying at all three All Natural Pet Supply locations. 



If you have a dog who is a power/heavy chewer, you have probably tried some of “indestructible” toys on the market and may have been disappointed with the results. I get it. I have two heavy chewers who have a knack for destroying a new toy in a matter of days. Which is great fun for them, but can be disappointing for me. I have been searching for a toy that would hold up to their chewing habits and the over all wear and tear said toy receives from them enjoying it.  

Just when I thought all hope was lost, that I would be picking up shredded plastic, squeakers and fluff for the rest of my days, Bulletproof Pet Products releases the Indestructibone and let me tell you, IT IS AWESOME. 

So what makes it so great? To start with, its made out of polymer.  It’s heavy and solid but the design is easy for my dogs to hold in their mouths. It has two little holes on either end that would work to put treats or food in, which makes it a fun brain game for them to try to get the goodies out. The Indesctuctibone is completely non toxic, BPA and phthalate free, will not splinter and is kennel safe. This is a chew toy you can give to your dog and feel safe about letting them gnaw on it, but as with any toy, please supervise. Another bonus: it doesn’t smell and isn’t messy.

It comes in different sizes, which is great for big dogs like Belgian Malinois, Pit Bulls or German Shepherds , but they didn’t forget the little guys while designing this product, so there are smaller sizes for smaller dogs to enjoy.  

The Indestructibone is proudly made right here in The United States with material from The United States.  

 Interested but not ready to commit? 

The Indestructibone has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, AND a 90 day 1 time replacement guarantee. If your dog obliterates the Indestrutibone, they will send you a new one! How cool is that? 

Plus, Bulletproof Pet Products is a pretty great company. You can learn more about them and check out some of their products by clicking the link below: 


Yesterday I picked one up for my heavy chewer,  Liloux. She has gone through antlers, Buffalo horns, Yak Chews, numerous squeaky toys….you name it. Her favorite time of day is after dinner when she gets to have a special chew toy before bed, which is a routine she has had since she was a tiny little puppy.  

With great excitement, I gave her the Indestructibone, and she took right to it! She happily chewed on it for a while while we settled in for the evening. She seemed a bit confused when she discovered she  couldn’t make it disappear in one sitting, but seems to be happy with it. So happy, in fact, she dozed off with it! 

The next time you are in any of our three All Natural Pet Supply locations, ask any of our awesome team members about the Indestructibone. Pick it up, feel it, play around with it and see if you think it would be a good fit for you if you have a power chewer. I am really happy we have these in, and think they are definitely worth a try!  

I can say it is Liloux tested and approved!